Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sugarhouse Criterium

This is the big downtown race this year. Lots of people out for this one. This year in my race it wasn't about me but it was the THE SAMURAI. Congrats to Jared Inouye on making a gutsy move from the gate at the top of the course. Glad to see someone I like win today. I had a vision in the middle of the race that that was the place to go from. No kidding. It was weird.

I had more close calls in those last two laps than all year in the A group at RMR. It was scary especially on the downhill 2-3 accross on the final sprint. Guys were weaving at 40mph.....

Here's some more pics enjoy. My stats from the race were 50:00 minutes, HR avg 169/max 192, speed avg 26.1, max 40.6, climbing 1125 feet, and Cadence avg of 103. I was in a 2 man move for a lap and 3-6 guys for 2 laps. We had a little bit off the group but they pulled us back. Lap time when I was in that small group was 2:55 which is pretty good considering I was watching Burke Swindlehurst's breakaway group doing 2:45-2:50 laps for a while in the Pro,1,2 race.

Paul Dyrud (National team Long Tracker and Marco Bucci (ex speedskater).

Start of the Pro,1,2 race.

Burke Swindlehurst (the pre race favorite in front in Red) with Todd Hageman and Eric P. to the right, and Mike Hanseen to the left from Canyon Bikes at Olympus Cove.

Bruce Bilodeau calling the shots. Another Masshole like myself.
The Hornet

My coach (Mike Kooreman) with thumbs up......hour bike ride today coach....right Mike. It was a little hard for an "easy" week.

I think this is the 4 man break in the pro race. They had a minute at one point then it came down to 8 seconds at the end but two members of the break stayed away. Chris Hull hung on for 2nd and our resident pro Burke Swindlehurst showed us why he gets paid to ride.

Burke bringing it home.....

One lap to go....

The finish....

Props up to Chris Hull for being on the podium again with a pro racer in SLC. He won the downtown crit a few years back nipping Jeff Louder at the line. He gives the working guys some hope or is he using something at the hospital. Just kidding. He would be the least likely guy in the world to ever do something like that. He is a total pro on and off the bike as is Burke. Two clean riders there and from my last post...."I'd bet my life on that one." Great watching you guys today.

I mean the whole field by you guys. These are the guys I race with every week during the week at Weekly Worlds on Tuesday's. Three of my fellow Cat 3 competitors upgraded recently and hopefully I will join you guys soon. I felt like a quitter today when in the sprint someone chopped my wheel really bad on a straightaway with about 150 to go. I had to hit my brakes hard on the uphill but that's bike racing. I just cruised in for 30th. My HR was pounding out of my chest with all the craziness I saw in the last two laps.
- one guy with one to go clipped out I guess trying to take off. He went across the road sideways with one leg out to the side and almost kicked me. I had to swerve around him. I still stayed in the top 5-10 with some work after slowing bigtime.
-Guys were weaving all over the place coming to the backside hill.
-Up the hill dudes were fighting for position. Guys were trying so hard their bikes were moving all over the place. Bars were banging and guys were touching me. Please don't touch me.
-No one wanted to lead on the top and that's when Jared jumped and we all looked at each other. 5 or more seconds went by and I figured he might get it.
-Downhill was crazy as I saw guys almost hit each other at 40mph.
-Started sprinting and then got chopped. Wow I couldn't believe there wasn't a crash.
-I enjoy racing Master's or Pro 1/2s. Much harder but much safer. You still see some craziness but not like this. Guys know they have to work in the morning I guess and have seen more.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'll bet my life

I used to say this alot. Hope I don't have the oppty for it. What a great story. Our time is short here.