Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bike handling skills/Derby video and crit racing

Wow that's the best thing i have seen on youtube in quite some time.

Was that Chris Callis riding mine that Bird? Not to rag on Callis as he was a Long Track Stud in 2000 to 2006. Just reminded me of the Callis man back in the day for anyone that knows him. He was a fast talker like the jockey there. Seems like he's doing well from his facebook updates. I never knew that he trained with Derek Parra from an early age. Derek said he was in his indoor inline team way back.

RMR a couple of weeks ago was a blast with the wind. Impressive win by David Clinger. See why he was a pro racer that night. He gunned it from the U turn into a 40mph headwind and made up some serious distance to catch the break group. He motored past Andre Gonzales I heard. Wow that was cool. I was behind strongman Dave Hahhdwood and Slevie just hanging in. Apparently there was someone between Hardwood and Clinger when he jumped i heard later. When i did put myself into the wind i couldn't make up 3 feet on those guys. I was glad to finish and get a workout in. All this was second hand info as I was staring at the wheels in front of me just hanging on for dear life most of the night.

Been doing lots of training races lately and weekend races. It's been hard and fun and the bike form seems to finally coming around for me.