Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Short Track Meet

2nd annual Desert Classic Short Track meet. Races start around 2:00 (1000 meter Time Trials-Pursuit style then 1500m (heats, quarters,semis,finals). Sat racing starts at 10am and it's 500/1000s and 1500 super finals. Last year this was the best meet I did all year. This year we have 20+ Japanese skaters, Australian National Team, a couple of New Zealand skaters, Mike's New Edge Program and whoever else shows up. Don't think the Us National team will race.

If you haven't seen short track come on down and see a criterium on skates at the Utah Olympic Oval ~(4800W/5600S). I'm racing if I don't forget to sign up tommorow. Can't wait to get it going.

Here's what I've been upto the past few weekends. I did the Tour de Park City a few weekends ago. I was quoted here. That a simplified view of what doing a 170 mile race felt like. It was a day after doing some hard intervals on the Short Track. I decided to do this ride on TH night. I was as ready as i would ever be and felt great till about mile 120....finished 16th though and my motto was "compete to complete". My left foot was numb until just a few days ago from that ride but sign me up for next year. It was epic!

This might have been one of the 5-10 minutes out of 8.5 hours that I led.

The break early in the Race.

We are going over this???

Almost there on the 47 mile climb.

The next weekend I did the Snowbird Hillclimb. Then this past weekend I did Sanpete Road Race.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tour of Utah 2008 - Louder Wins

Cool post race video. Way to go Jeff. Sets him up well for the TT. GET ER DONE tomorrow! There were some heavy hitters here today and the local guys rode well. Burke rode well as usual and Nate Page had a great ride today.

While I was surfing vids came accross this vid of Lance at Leadville. Whether you hate him, love him, think he doped, or think he was clean as a whistle it great to see him spinning up hills on a bike.