Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dan Jansen skating tips & more

Pretty good video by one of the guys who I admired before I started speedskating. He give some solid advice on things I'm still working on. Strong can have the strongest legs but if your core is weak it's like shooting a cannon from a canoe. Also, regrouping your knees underneath your core. He's seems like such a cool guy. Pretty funny too.

Some great clips from the European Champs by this user. Wow I can just imagine how slow this ice is after watching Bokko first full lap in his 1500 at 27.8. Watch how these girls regroup and use their full body weight. Sáblíková is a beast at the end. Until you do enough of these 5ks you don't really know how much this would hurt especially outside.

Double wow on this one. I guess that new rule is for her. She would have been DQ'd a half dozen times in this race on the straights.