Sunday, February 8, 2009

World All Rounds Day 2

Sven Kramer and Martina Sablikova are the champs but for me the story was the crowd in Hamar.
Beginning of Bokko vs Hedrick 5k The end of Bokko vs Hedrick 5k

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hamar Day 2

I posted a bunch of pics on facebook since it's way easier than on here. The Viking Ship is the coolest rink. It has alot of "character" and history even in it's short shelf life. I had no idea that the World All Rounds have been in Hamar like 6 times. The first time was in 1895! Wow that's cool. I'm sure it wasn't inside....the oval is right on the water.

I'm laying in bed trying to figure out when to go to sleep. I've never traveled to Europe and my body likes a routine for sure. I have trouble when I travel to east coast for work and that's two hour time change not 8 hours. I should be asleep right now but just keep typing away here.

We went to a bar called the Inner Lane i think in Norwegian. It's a "skaters" bar and it's pretty cool. We walked in with Peter and every head turned in the place it seemed. He doesn't like to go there and I imagine the last thing he wants to talk is skating away from the rink. Cool seeing names on the wall and pictures everywhere.

Anyways I met and did a flyer and accel with Peter Andersen today on the ice. Also, forgot that he pulled me around for 5 minutes of laps at 35s. It wasn't as easy as normal but I'm still jet lagged. He used to skate Sprints for Norway. He hasn't really skates in months he said but you don't lose it at his level. He retired in 2006 and went 35 something in the 500. Looking at his results I see alot of All Round competitions. I thought of him as a sprinter middle distance but he logged lots of miles looking at his results.

I hope that Claudia Pechstein can pull it off this weekend for us older skaters. She is a true professional and has been doing this "forever" and has 9 Olympic Medals I believe. Peter Mueller has rejuvinated her as she beat the unbeatable Czech Sáblíková this year in Moscow.

Speaking of her. John Diemont and I were riding the shuttle back with her and a couple of dutch skaters and a coach. There's a huge horse in the center of town. John took a bunch of pictures of it when we got here. I didn't really notice it. We were going a round the roundabout when John says look at that horse. He has some "big balls" on him. And sure enough he did. I think you have to have big ones to live up here in this cold and hardy area. I love it here and wonder what my life would have been like growing up here. This Dutch coach and skater was holding his laughter and Sáblíková was behind John straight faced. I assume she doesn't understand English???

Thursday, February 5, 2009

World All Rounds - Hamar Norway

Hello from Norway. Here are some pics from my travels. It's nice here and ran into some old friends. Easy 6:50 flight from NYC to Oslo. Still trying to adjust to the 8 hour time change.

Pete Mueller says he will be partying after Bokko wins. He has his tuxedo for the party!