Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Olympic Trials and Olympics

I had a decent 1500m and actually moved my left blade about a quarter inch the night before the race. I had it to far to the outside and actually went faster in my first lap of my 1500m than my 500m. Go figure. I had a short track setup on my left since I did short track till Sept 1st. It was hurting me big time on my left. Skated warmup on it and it felt great immediately.
Now they are much more centered on the left and can't wait for the next few months on them. Right foot is pretty easy just go from middle of your Achilles to between your first two toes or the middle of you big toe if you like it to the inside. It was a no brain er for the past eight years as i have been on the same boots. My new SS boots are a little over a month and working great.

Now here's a little video to get you ready for NBC's coverage of the upcoming Olympics. How about a return to the good old days of just showing the events.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sugarhouse Criterium 2009

I did two races on Saturday. Did well in the Master 35s placing 4th after almost witness a horific crash on the sprint to the finish line. I was on Dave Harward's wheel at 45mph on the left going down the big hill to the finish. There's a turn at the bottom and the guys in front of him or side of him moved over. I slammed my brakes and thought it was certain death. Dave literally squeezed in a spot the size of maybe a foot and had to lean over into the curb to not hit the guys on his right. Wow....then I just journeyed back on up the right side. Dave Hardwood's superior bike skills saved us (maybe me) from serious injury. I still only got Dave and someone else by an inch at the finish line with all that action he had to deal with.
Next up was the Pro 1/2 race. It was a fun time with cash handouts. Thanks Fox. I just missed a couple. First I saw some guy at the top of the hill and I thought he was handing out bottles? Then I was like no that's Fox with cash. It made life in the back of the bus a little more fun.

Lots of drama with that and other things in the race. Can't believe that we closed the gap on the "magnificent seven" as they were being called during the race. I was pretty toast at the end. Everyone was as there were riders all over the road in the "sprint". I placed 34th after sitting up and being out of breath and cross eyed.
Bike racing is pure when looking at these pics.....these were from the last 5 laps. It made me feel better about my race after seeing the pain on people's faces. Still haven't seen the results so I'm not sure where the break riders finished but I know that Darren Lill took the victory.