Saturday, September 27, 2008

America Cup I

It was a long day. The facility here was really nice and Greg Oly did a great job as meet director. Unfortunately, they are losing $$$ putting this on so it will probably be the last Am Cup here. Highlights today was a 1500 semi that JR Celski won. It was a crazy race behind him with passes everywhere. Best 1500 i've ever seen.
Robert Lawerence making an outside in pass in a heat with no room. There were others but I'm having troubling remembering. There were alot of crashes and a couple of stopped races. Walter Rusk hit hard and hope he is ok. I saw his bloody skate in the locker room and he was taken off the ice in a stretcher. I didn't skate my best in the 500s but at least I made it out of today in one piece.

Here's some results I found on Ohno Zone.

OK, here we go; Heat results for mens/women/s 1500m.

NOte: first and second place advance, the 2 fastest skaters of the third placers advance, so we don't have that information yet....

Ladies 1500
1st heat
Kristin Todd, Liz Burns, Maria Garcia, Jessica Smith, Kristen Beyondo, ALlison Baver

Allison first, Maria 2nd, Jessica SMith; Maria dq'd for impeding so Jessica advances

2nd race:
Cherize Wilkins, Tamara Fredericks, Kelsey Shield, Rachel Stewart, Mary Grace, Lana Goerig
Lana, Mary advance; Cherize third

3rd race:
Sade Grace, Maddie Waton, Carly Wilson, Morgan Izzy, Tina Koenig, Vicky Labordette
Tina, Carly advance, Vicky third

4th race:
Kathleen Russell, Alana Fiorenza, Kimberly Derrick, Alison Dudek, Eleanor Poore, Erin Bartlett
Kimberly, Allison, Erin Bartlett 3rd

Catherine Reutter, Sophia Milan, Erica Lanzer, Leslie Jaworski, Sara Elliott, Sarah Berg
Katherine, Leslie move on, Sophia Milan 3rd

Men's 1500 prelimns

Jonathan Sermeno, Kyle Haun, Buddy Gerr, Chris Krepling,Eddie Alvarez, Jeff Simon
Jeff, Jonathan, Eddie advances; Jonathan was dq’d

Levi Sinak, Cole Krueger, Ryan Leveille, JR Celski, Chris Mclaughlin, JUlian Wood
Ryan, JR, Julian 3rd

Nick Frank, Thomas Anderson, Kyle Urehara, Kyle Carr, Shani Davis, Michael Vertican
Shani Davis, Kyle Carr, Kyle Urehara third

Simon Cho,Derek Gray, Levi Kirkpatrick, Kevin Geminder, Dan Fiorenza, Anthony Lobello
Simon, Anthony,

Travis Jaynor, MC Scheab, Patrick Choi, Robert Lawrence, Jonathan Garcia, Barry Winslow
Travis, Robert Lawrence, Barry Winslow

Joey Lindsey , Ryan Bedford, James RWomens' 1500 Semi-finals and FINALS

Semi-finals, all top 3 advance to finals:

1st heat:
Katherine Reutter, Allison Baver, Allison Dudek, Tina Koenig, Cherize Wilkins, Lesley Jaworski
Reutter, Baver, Dudek (Tina & Cheriz both fell and both dq’d for impeding)

2nd heat: Lana Gehring, Carly WIlson, Jessica Smith, Kristen Beyondo, Mary Grace, Kimberly Derrick
Derrick, Gehring, Smith advancing


Women's 1500 Finals:
Starting with 1st place:

Katherine Reutter
Kimberly Derrick
Allison Baver
Lana Gehring
Allison Dudek
Jessica SMith

Men's 1500 Semi-Finals:
Womens' 1500 Semi-finals and FINALS

Semi-finals, all top 3 advance to finals:

1st heat:
Joey Linsey, Travis Jayner, Simon Cho, Eddie Alvarez, Kyle Carr, Robert Lawrence, Jeff Simon
Simon, Jayner, cho (dq’d for cross tracking) so Alvarez advanced

2nd heat:
Ryan Bedford, Ryan Leveille, Chris Krepling, Shani Davis, JR Celski,
Anthony Lobello
Celski, Lobello (who swooped in out of nowhere to take 2nd).
The rest of the 4 came in all together and it took quite a qhile for the officials to make the announcement. In the end:

Celski, Lobello, Ryan Bedford

500m finals (don't quote me on these results)

JR Celski
Simon Cho?

Ladies (for sure)

Ruetter (crash)
Garcia (DQ)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Desert Classic

Here's a post that I started on the Desert Classic a while ago. I'm in MN for the America Cup and figured I'd update people on what's happening here.

So first here's this unfinished blog post. I skated ok in this meet. First race I was too pumped up and wasted alot of energy in my 9 lap TT. I died really really hard but went 1:36.?. My best race of that meet was with Chris Creveling and two Japanese skaters. One was Sataro Teraou. I watched him on TV in 1994 when I was still playing hockey, drinking beers and doing other bad stuff. It's amazing that I even stepped to the line with this guy.

Anyways i took the start to the apex from the awesome #2 start spot and I slowed to let one of these World Cup guys lead. They were skating what seemed like 1000m pace. I settled in and watched Terao pass from the back and his teammate just let him in. Then Chris tried an outside move and things heated up. I got dropped with two to go came in bummed. Then when I saw the Japanese guys went 44 and i was 45.8 I was pumped. For those guys 44 is slow and it was awesome to see them just control their skates so well. Goes to show that if you just chill and skate you go fast.

I proved that to myself again today at the AmCup #1 as I scratched, clawed and toe picked around in my 500m final. I was lucky to get out of the 500m heat with a 2nd place time of 47.?.

It was disappointing not in placing DFL in the A final but not skating to my potential. You know how it feels when you are "on" and when you are "off". I'll skate better tommorow I'm sure. I haven't done alot of ST racing and you cannot simulate that in practice. But Mike said I popped off a couple of 9.5s so that was good to here. I remember Appolo saying that he had a bunch of 20 lappers one day and I said what speed....he said 9.5??? Sad thing is that is cruising speed for the National Team guys in SLC. They look like they are chillin at that speed.

*****Desert Classic Post*************************
It was a wake up call racing short track first time since last season. Highlights from the weekend that I have imprinted in my brain. I didn't see Star Shin's TT but she went 1:32 which is awesome for any woman especially one that just turned 14 last a couple of weeks ago.
The Japanese guys who placed 1 thru 9 in final standings all skated their TTs very flat as did Robert Lawerence. I haven't seen all the results just the final ones. It was humbling to race with these Japanese guys and the Australians the first day. I looked up the Japanese guys and they are all top level World Cup skaters.
It was cool seeing Derek Parra racing short track. He is skating well but you could tell it was his first real short track race. The 3 Japanese guys really schooled him as he was trying to pass in one of his heats. It was exciting also with Walter Rusk making some moves. There was a lot of contact in that race.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Short Track Meet

2nd annual Desert Classic Short Track meet. Races start around 2:00 (1000 meter Time Trials-Pursuit style then 1500m (heats, quarters,semis,finals). Sat racing starts at 10am and it's 500/1000s and 1500 super finals. Last year this was the best meet I did all year. This year we have 20+ Japanese skaters, Australian National Team, a couple of New Zealand skaters, Mike's New Edge Program and whoever else shows up. Don't think the Us National team will race.

If you haven't seen short track come on down and see a criterium on skates at the Utah Olympic Oval ~(4800W/5600S). I'm racing if I don't forget to sign up tommorow. Can't wait to get it going.

Here's what I've been upto the past few weekends. I did the Tour de Park City a few weekends ago. I was quoted here. That a simplified view of what doing a 170 mile race felt like. It was a day after doing some hard intervals on the Short Track. I decided to do this ride on TH night. I was as ready as i would ever be and felt great till about mile 120....finished 16th though and my motto was "compete to complete". My left foot was numb until just a few days ago from that ride but sign me up for next year. It was epic!

This might have been one of the 5-10 minutes out of 8.5 hours that I led.

The break early in the Race.

We are going over this???

Almost there on the 47 mile climb.

The next weekend I did the Snowbird Hillclimb. Then this past weekend I did Sanpete Road Race.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tour of Utah 2008 - Louder Wins

Cool post race video. Way to go Jeff. Sets him up well for the TT. GET ER DONE tomorrow! There were some heavy hitters here today and the local guys rode well. Burke rode well as usual and Nate Page had a great ride today.

While I was surfing vids came accross this vid of Lance at Leadville. Whether you hate him, love him, think he doped, or think he was clean as a whistle it great to see him spinning up hills on a bike.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alan Butler Crit & The Freak

Drove up to lovely downtown Idaho Falls last Saturday solo. It seemed crazy but it was worth it in the end. It was a great course, great crowd, and fun crit. Thanks to Rob Van Kirk for putting this on. Six corner course over about a 1k but it was smooth on the turns. Few bumps in the straights but a fun course. My first Pro/1/2/3 race as a Category 2. I feel like I belong since I was able to nab a podium finish.

I knew on the drive up that the Park City Jeep-Global Knee Clinic Team would be there in force and laying it down hard for their teammate. I figured a podium was the best I could do and that was the goal.

I looked at the start line and saw about 20 riders with 8 from one team. The attacks started early as Turbo and Sam Krieg took off from the gun. Needless to say 10 seconds into the race I'm at 29 and 15 seconds in i'm at 32mph. There were only two other small teams to chase and me it seemed like. We caught them after a few laps then of course Global Knee sent two more guys up the road. In the 1/2s guys are smart. Their teammates didn't chase and waited for someone else to. It was like a poker game as we are riding at 20mph and the break is going up the road. Finally I rode tempo for a few laps to keep things going. Then more attack of course. I felt like I was doing the DMV course and there was no hill. It was hard.

Kris Lunning from Fitzgerald's was super strong. I heard that he pulled the break back then when they caught two more Global guys took off. That was to be expected. Sam Krieg and Ryan Barrett were off after the 2nd break was caught and they were at 35 seconds for a while eventually they lapped the field at about 40-45 minutes. Global kept sending guys up the road in 2s trying to get 3rd and 4th.

I remember seeing 13 to go. At that point I was hanging on by a thread. One turn Kris Lunning had a problem with his tire i heard and stopped in the turn. Sam, me and David Bergart were gapped. Sam "The Freak" Krieg immediately bridged up. I struggled as I lost his wheel. I pulled for two laps not knowing Dave was behind me. I caught Sandy Perrins coming up to 2 to go. He heard me breathing like a blowfish. I was crosseyed.

There were 2 or 3 up the road when i got dropped and i couldn't tell what was going on. It slowed a bit for a lap. I caught my breath. Coming to the bell lap I was thinking I need to move up then a crash happened to my left or an issue not sure but they slowed. I picked it up to 32 and moved to about 5th on Turbo's wheel. Sandy was riding tempo at the front keeping it fast. We came to the 2nd to last turn. I was right on Turbo's wheel when he jumped. He led me thru the last two turns and I finish behind him as he celebrated. I knew I was lapped so I didn't want to get in the way. I looked back to make sure I got the field sprint for what I thought was 5th. I felt like an uninvited guest to the team's celebration as last year I think they got places 1-6. I figured i got 5th or 6th. After slowing down Bob Walker excitedly said to me that I got 3rd. I was pumped. Wow.

The story of the day though was Sam. I told my skating coach Mike Kooreman what Sam did and he said "that's Freakish". Sam "The Freak" Krieg raced Chalk Creek in the morning. Not sure if he drove up in the morning but bet he did. I remember rolling out of bed at 10:30 thinking they are 30 minutes into the RR at Chalk Creek. He placed fifth in a strong field. He drove back to Pocatello maybe rested for an hour then drove to the crit in Idaho Falls. Took off from the gun and lapped the field. Wow he should be racing the Tour of Utah he is killing it right now. He rides a bike with which I'm unfamiliar with.

I talked to him after the race and he said he was going to either lap the field or blow up. I love his attitude. He said he couldn't do accelerations which we did in the pack. Makes sense but he could ride hard tempo. We avg'd 26.9 so he had to TT with Turbo at 27+ for a bit. They did get 20 or 30 seconds easy as everyone looked at everyone else to chase. We didn't really work together. It was a 11 or 12 man non cooperative Team Time Trial with 6 Global guys either sitting on or attacking. I expected that and that's the way to race as a team. That is how I spend my Saturday nights and that's what I call a stress relieving night???? It was fun and I got to see Idaho Falls. Missed seeing the new Mormon temple though.

Overall this was one of the most friendly crits I have done. There wasn't the usual bitching a moaning although there was some grumbling about the Global team. What did you expect a team with 30% of the field. Sandy was cool as he told me I was riding strong. I remember seeing him in 2004 just killing it when i couldn't even pull thru in the B group. The cool thing is that I probably lapped myself from 2 or 3 years ago. In the end is the race with yourself.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

How to handle a telemarketer. From one of my fav morning shows on KBER locally (101.1) The Bob and Tom Show.

Here's an American hope in Beijing in a couple of weeks. This was his coming out winning the JR Worlds last August. I saw this video last year and it's as good as the first time I've seen it. It almost gets me pumped to go out and do a TT. That's pretty hard to do for me under any circumstances.

No Risk No Fun? (i get my thrill on ST but that's nothing compared to this shit)

Finally the podium jerseys from the Tour De France.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dylan Casey on How to Ride The TDF

Very refreshing and entertaining talk from Google bike to work day?. Marketing guy for Google now. Retired from pro cycling in 2002. Very long but kept my attention for an hour.

What goes thru my mind is did this guy dope? I guess it's a question that you would ask of every professional cyclist. Was he talented and didn't win because he didn't dope? I don't know much about his career but he doesn't seem like someone who would have doped......but who knows.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Masochistic Cat II

That's what Ryan Parnes's mom said to me after my third bike race of the weekend in Boise, Idaho. I now have enough points to upgrade to Category II which will be more masochism for sure.

1 : a sexual perversion characterized by pleasure in being subjected to pain or humiliation especially by a love object — compare sadism
2 : pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering

Hmmm I guess I take having a taste for suffering but not sure about the other definitions. This was after the Idaho State Criterium Championships on Sunday. It was 100 degrees and I just had finished the 2nd 50 minute race. I placed 2nd in the Cat 3 race and suffered in the Master Race.

I finished DFL but finished. I caught back on the pack after getting dropped which is not easy in a criterium.

results of Idaho State Crit are here:

The Boise Twilight Criterium was the main event on Sat night in Downtown Boise. It's the place to see and be seen as at least 10,000 people show up for it.

Here's a video of what the pro race looked like.

Toyota United put on a clinic on how to race. I got there for the last 1/2 of the race and they were in the top 8 most of the time. Kristen Armstrong showed why she's in good form for the Beijing Olympics in a few weeks. She hammered a 1:12 1st lap then a few 1:06s (30mph) and cut the field in half right away then lapped the field solo.

I found some great pictures here. Good pics of Cameron Hoffman and KK (Kirsten Kotval). It was fun cheering on the Utah riders.

Cameron Hoffman went off the front a couple of times in the 2nd half of the race. I missed the 1st half. There was a $500 cash preem at about 6 laps to go. The last few laps heated up and Hilton Clarke won easily surrounded by teammates after lapping the field with a teammate and Dan Ramsey from Time Cycling. He was quite a ways back in the 3 man sprint.

My race (Cat 3/Master 40+) was fast from the gun. I was trying to just sit in and settle into the race. I started moving up when it slowed after 6 laps. Some idiot looked back and I saw him swerve and lean into another guy and all hell broke loose. A few guys went down and I swerved around and thru them. Another couple got tangled up, A guy from George's went down. He was laying accross the street sideways. I tried to slow down and my front tire went right into his ribs at about 19 mph (that's what my computer said b4 it went to zero). I went airborne over the bars. I should have bunny hopped him but didn't think off that because I was slowing. I checked myself and ran to the pits and jumped back in. I was happy to finish the race. Results are here.

Just found a video of our race. I think i'm in the middle somewhere. That looked pretty fast there.....

It was a great weekend for the wife and I. I really like Boise and thank to Anthony Barthell for the room.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ice is Back

Here's an article on the Olympic Oval yesterday. I've been watching the ice making process at the rink for the past few weeks.

Here's a little audio slideshow of how the ice is made. I didn't even know the oval had a marketing director? I know they have been thru a few of them.

I won't get into the contract negotiations and the politics of the oval. Suffice to say that the foundation was to keep these venues going and for the kids of Utah. I can count on one hand the number of local kids speedskating. It's really sad. Heck we had more skaters in Baystate in Boston without an oval. It looks like Eva R has posted a comment on this article.

Here's a link of some shots of the national team short trackers who I see skate after The New Edge Group most mornings at 8:45 on my way to work. They are training really hard from what I see and hear.

We have a huge group of Short Trackers in Mike Kooreman's group and it's been fun skating short track. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm not really looking forward to skating Long Track?? I'm really enjoying going around in little circles.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Memory of my Dad

This Saturday I'm doing the Big Cottonwood Hillclimb for the American Cancer Society in memory of my father (Carl Boudreau). I donated $70 for this already and am looking for any matching donations for any amount ($1 per mile or anything you wish/how about $1 per foot of vertical). I haven't updated here in a while and there so much to catch up on.

This is a 12.8 mile race/fundraiser which climbs 3800 feet. It's for a great cause and a beautiful ride. I have been doing this ride the most times ever this year and it should be better than last year. I did a hill climb two weeks ago at Don Mealing's Skater Party. Hillclimb races are "not my bag baby" (in my best Austin Powers voice) but somehow among the skaters I placed 2nd. I don't think i've ever made it to the top of a hill 2nd even in a training ride. I'm the lightest I've ever been tipping the scales at 190 so hopefully i'll get a PB this weekend.

To donate to the American Cancer society for the hillclimb this weekend go here. Thanks for your help in fighting cancer.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sugarhouse Criterium

This is the big downtown race this year. Lots of people out for this one. This year in my race it wasn't about me but it was the THE SAMURAI. Congrats to Jared Inouye on making a gutsy move from the gate at the top of the course. Glad to see someone I like win today. I had a vision in the middle of the race that that was the place to go from. No kidding. It was weird.

I had more close calls in those last two laps than all year in the A group at RMR. It was scary especially on the downhill 2-3 accross on the final sprint. Guys were weaving at 40mph.....

Here's some more pics enjoy. My stats from the race were 50:00 minutes, HR avg 169/max 192, speed avg 26.1, max 40.6, climbing 1125 feet, and Cadence avg of 103. I was in a 2 man move for a lap and 3-6 guys for 2 laps. We had a little bit off the group but they pulled us back. Lap time when I was in that small group was 2:55 which is pretty good considering I was watching Burke Swindlehurst's breakaway group doing 2:45-2:50 laps for a while in the Pro,1,2 race.

Paul Dyrud (National team Long Tracker and Marco Bucci (ex speedskater).

Start of the Pro,1,2 race.

Burke Swindlehurst (the pre race favorite in front in Red) with Todd Hageman and Eric P. to the right, and Mike Hanseen to the left from Canyon Bikes at Olympus Cove.

Bruce Bilodeau calling the shots. Another Masshole like myself.
The Hornet

My coach (Mike Kooreman) with thumbs up......hour bike ride today coach....right Mike. It was a little hard for an "easy" week.

I think this is the 4 man break in the pro race. They had a minute at one point then it came down to 8 seconds at the end but two members of the break stayed away. Chris Hull hung on for 2nd and our resident pro Burke Swindlehurst showed us why he gets paid to ride.

Burke bringing it home.....

One lap to go....

The finish....

Props up to Chris Hull for being on the podium again with a pro racer in SLC. He won the downtown crit a few years back nipping Jeff Louder at the line. He gives the working guys some hope or is he using something at the hospital. Just kidding. He would be the least likely guy in the world to ever do something like that. He is a total pro on and off the bike as is Burke. Two clean riders there and from my last post...."I'd bet my life on that one." Great watching you guys today.

I mean the whole field by you guys. These are the guys I race with every week during the week at Weekly Worlds on Tuesday's. Three of my fellow Cat 3 competitors upgraded recently and hopefully I will join you guys soon. I felt like a quitter today when in the sprint someone chopped my wheel really bad on a straightaway with about 150 to go. I had to hit my brakes hard on the uphill but that's bike racing. I just cruised in for 30th. My HR was pounding out of my chest with all the craziness I saw in the last two laps.
- one guy with one to go clipped out I guess trying to take off. He went across the road sideways with one leg out to the side and almost kicked me. I had to swerve around him. I still stayed in the top 5-10 with some work after slowing bigtime.
-Guys were weaving all over the place coming to the backside hill.
-Up the hill dudes were fighting for position. Guys were trying so hard their bikes were moving all over the place. Bars were banging and guys were touching me. Please don't touch me.
-No one wanted to lead on the top and that's when Jared jumped and we all looked at each other. 5 or more seconds went by and I figured he might get it.
-Downhill was crazy as I saw guys almost hit each other at 40mph.
-Started sprinting and then got chopped. Wow I couldn't believe there wasn't a crash.
-I enjoy racing Master's or Pro 1/2s. Much harder but much safer. You still see some craziness but not like this. Guys know they have to work in the morning I guess and have seen more.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'll bet my life

I used to say this alot. Hope I don't have the oppty for it. What a great story. Our time is short here.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekly Race Report

Tuesday night was weekly worlds. I felt good that night but couldn't get better than 5th in a field sprint for 5th place. More like a drag race from 5 miles out....felt like a tracker pull to me. It was a super fast night on the oval for the A group (29.8mph).
We had a pro bowler out bowling with all us amateur bowlers. I followed him about 15 minutes into the race when he took off. I dropped back to about 6th after being on his wheel. It was HR 160 to 200 in under a minute following him. I thought I was behind a motorcycle after about 1:20. Looking at my HR monitor post race I had to go 37mph then 32-34mph to stay with the breakaway group. He stood up and no one wanted to work. I should have just punched it but I looked at my HR of 195 and it scared me. I am taping over my HR from now on.

Louder got away again solo and all us amateur bowlers worked together to bring him back. I actually was at the front and someone got pissed because once I got to second position the guy in front of me picked it up and I limped back to the comfort of the draft. I was ready to do my 20 seconds of work at the front but this guy picked it up and I was toast.
It was all together coming down to the end but at about 8 minutes to go Louder got to the front again and took off up the track. Everyone was yelling but no one had energy? to follow him. I didn't want to ride around for 8 minutes at HR 200 so I stayed put. I was in perfect position right on his wheel when he jumped.
3 guys (Ryan Littlefield, Cameron Hoffman and Sean Hoover?) jumped and bridged up to Louder. The main field was hot the rest of the way in. Tough night when your final sprint is slower than a speed you reached earlier in the race just going with a move (36.8 final sprint). I felt like a punch drunk fighter who had gone 15 rounds by the end of this race. Good time though and great speed work.

Wed night was the DMV weekly race series.. I felt great for 30 minutes and was in the moves. This course is hard as you go up the "West Valley Wall" 25 times or so. After 30 minutes someone turned off the power going up the 45 foot steep hill. I had been working out in the mornings skating Short Track so it's just another workout. I have been surprised how good I actually feel because speedskating and cycling is like mixing oil and water for cycling. Last year I lost alot of fitness by November since the Weekly Worlds stop at the end of Sept. I rode around and only finished a lap down. It was funny just as I got dropped Vicky and Ryan Bedford pulled in the lot and them cheering me on kept me going. Ryan is training hard with the National Short Track team and doing RMR and DMV when he can.
No TT on Thursday. Felt better than last Thursday after doing the doubles of skating and bike racing at night. Skated friday and then the State TT was Saturday.

I signed up late for this as the thought of riding as fast as you can for 24.8 miles isn't super exciting to me. I've never been a great long TT guy but I am getting better.

I like the vibe at a Time Trial. People are friendlier and more layed back it seems to me. It's you against the clock and sort of pure. No hiding but it might as well be tennis as compared to RRs and Criteriums. It is like doing a different sport in a way but if you do stage races it's part of the deal. I'm not exactly the best stage racer but getting better.

It was a beautiful day Saturday and Elberta, UT is pretty. I wish I took more pics for this blog but I just type away and it's for me anyways. I'm going to try to take more pics of my travels. Anyways, State TT I was the 1st guy off in the Cat 3s. I didn't have speed on my bike but tried to keep my cadence at 100. I hadn't been on my TT bike in weeks and didn't have high hopes. I did want to shatter my time from two years ago and I did beat it by 1:35. I was hoping to get into the 56 minute range but no dice. I didn't really taper for this or prepare. Also, I just have regular wheels no disks. It was like an arms race out there with some of the equipment I saw. Enough excuses for now. One other thing I found out is that you should ride in the right side of the lane where the passenger side wheel travels. I was riding mostly to the right of the white line because I don't trust any of these Utah drivers. I hit some dirt a couple of times but the road was semi closed and anyone on it should know there were bikers. All my TTs at Salt Air I just hug the right side since I am always scared of getting hit from behind by some jackass going 80mph.
I got outta there pretty quick and rode the Alpine Loop on the way home. Went hiking on Sunday and have some great pics of that in the next post.

One last thing. My avg was 25.8482 mph. Check out this great calculator to figure out speed. Jessi Gordon had the fastest time and his speed was 28.6521 mph. Two years ago Richard Feldman lit up the 24.8 mile course with a mind boggling (for me) time of 48:34 and 30.6382 mph!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Oval and Butt Cream

I started skating this week and forgot how much that hurts. It's all good and was fun. It was like I never left the rink. Saw both National teams (Long Track and Short Track). Everyone is there getting their training in....even Apolo. I thought he would be doing some Hollywood movies or something. Chad was there as well as most everyone else except Chris Needham. Congrats on getting married! Ice is very early and good once you are done. Didn't really get a chance to talk to anyone but it's good to be back on the ice. Jennifer Rodriguez was there Wednesday when the Sprint LT team skated with Mike Kooreman's group. Great stuff.
Looks like my butt cream has some competition from DZNuts.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some fun and seriousness

Biff from Back to the Future.

Evolution of Dance

I was saddened to hear of the Senior Senator from Massachusetts diagnosis. I guess Lance was as well.

In tribute to the Kennedy family one of my favorite bands. I saw their incarnation as "The Zulus" over 60 times in the late 80s and early 90s.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ok so the last 3 races I've done I've DNF'd (Did not finish). State Criterium Cat 3 race, Bear Lake Cat 3 race and now the RMR A race tonite. Mechanicals, mechanicals and lack of concentration. First race my seat post fell (actually Mark Chrysler's bike), next race at Bear Lake after about 80-85 miles my cleat fell off (not good). This was from putting on new cleats at 12:30am the night before a race. I was on call for work and worked late (11:30pm) the night before then was up at 5 to get on the road at 5:45 to drive upto Bear Lake.

We got there super early before 8am for a 8:45 start. After waiting in line for my pre registered number and then waiting to take a PBD (personal best dump) I had about 8 minutes to get ready. Figured my cleats were ok but it obviously was loose. I didn't warmup and we shot out of the gate at 30mph for a 100 mile race. It was so fast that we were actually catching the Pro/1/2s on the North side of the lake. After about 10 miles I made a big dig to follow SBO's super TT/strongman Aaron Olson to a move. I thought it looked good but the pack chased it right down. My HR was 190 on that one pretty early but it woke me up from the drive up and lack of sleep.
It's funny how I thought for sure that no breaks would work but apparently in the Cat 3s the group of 3 that were 1,2,3 stayed away. I've done this race 4 years and they start to blur together. This was the 1st year that the wind wasn't really blowing super hard. It seemed to pick up at the end of the race. Damn I was feeling good for the run in. It's a whole different world trying to sprint after 100 miles vs an hour crit.
After I dropped my cleat. I stopped and rode back around the other way to find my friend Rich who I drove up with. He was riding around the lake the oppposite way solo. It was a good ride to see the cows grazing and what God created up there in the Bear Lake area. In the race it was hard to see the scenary as there were some sketchiness and you had to be on your toes. One guy had a loud brake would grind on his carbon wheels really loud everytime he hit his brakes. It scared me everytime I heard it because it sounded like a crash. Unfortunately the times I have been around crashes I usually hear them in front of me b4 I see them so I was a little jumpy. I moved out of the asshole zone and was in the front 5 or 6 a bunch of times and some guy almost took me out swerving in like 4th position???
Tonite at RMR it was pretty funny. We rode around somewhat hard. There was a break of 3. We passed the B pack on their last lap then we slowed. We let them finish and slowed. It was hot out there and I had cotton mouth since it was pretty hard most of the time. I took the opportunaty to get a drink. Of course I just lost concentration for a second and hit that stupid pot hole and flatted. It was funny because one of my bike buddies said to me after the race "who was that jackass that hit that pothole after we rode by it for an hour". I was like are you joking. I was like dude that was ME.....LOL!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Horrible Crash & State Crit

Saw this on cyclingnews and Toyota United site. If you read the bottom you will see that Fausto Muñoz Esparza was paralyzed from the waist down at Tour of the Gila. I am going to send this guy some $$$ and you should too as he has a wife and 3kids that he was supporting racing his bike.

Private donations are also welcome and may be submitted to
Wells Fargo Bank,
Attn: Fausto Muñoz Esparza Donation Fund,
1201 N. Pope Street, Silver City, NM 88061 USA.

Letters of support may be sent to C/O Thomason Hospital, Patient: Fausto Esparza, ICU/12, 4815 Alameda Avenue, El Paso, TX 79905 USA.

State Crit-

Still haven't seen any results on this race. Saw Turbo won the 1/2s. Don't know who won the Cat 3s cause I didn't stick around. I had fun in the Master 35 race. It was hard and fast. Thanks to my teammate Mark for lending me a bike for the races Sat. My bike broke after Tuesday's RMR. Did I mention that Tuesday night we avg'd 29.7mph. Yes you read that right 29.7. I couldn't believe it. That's probably why i was shaking after the race on the sidelines. It was an epic effort for me. It was fast. Funniest thing during the race Bill Demong was like what's up Brian while we were in the break. He was talking like you would at a coffee shop or something. All I could do was nod and sound like a blowfish trying to hang on. That guy wins World cups and a couple time Olympic Nordic Combined and has a VO Max of 90 something. Great guy too bad I couldn't talk to him. There are alot of talented bike riders here in this valley.
I was just riding around after the race after doing a couple of laps on the State Crit course at RMR. Somehow my rear derailleur was sucked into my wheels. The rear hanger bent bad and the frame is toast. $3000 bummer right there. That Scott frame was very comfortable for me. The Cannondale Super Six that Mark lent me felt great on Sat though. Lots of pressure riding in a crit with someone else's bike. I tried not to think about it though.
Chris Best, Chris Best, Chris Best got the W in the Master 35+ race on Saturday from Team DARE. Way to go Chris. This guy just came out for like his 2nd race of the year. He's a beast. He's a track guy and said it felt just like the track race out there. Lot's of jockeying and banging bars those last couple of laps. I was on the outside on the 2nd to last turn and the guy in front of me moved outside a bit forcing me onto the dirt. I opted to go straight instead of turning and was out of the race at that point. I was probably sitting 8th or 9th wheel at that point but you had to be at the front 3 to have any hope of winning. Chris led them coming out of the last turn and powered to the W.

My good buddy Paul Terry took a flyer with a few laps to go and had a pretty good gap. I just remember sitting in the middle of the group coming up the fast homestretch and seeing a RED dot off in the distance with a few laps to go and realized it was Paul tearing it up out there. I was hurting in the draft and could only imagine what it felt to be out in the wind solo off the front. We avg'd almost 26 on this course....there were a few times where we just were going like 16mph after some fireworks. I was off the front for a bit with McKone and that hurt. I know Rodney Smith from Contender pulled back one dangerous move early with a huge effort. Also, I heard Sean Hoover pulling a move back at one point in the race. It was good to see Scott Martin out there racing after hearing he had twins. I don't know how father's find the time to train. Especially self proclaimed Mr Mom.

Saw skaters Ignacio Lopez and Andrew Love there as well Saturday. Andrew placed 4th in the Cat 4s and Ignacio was 2nd in the Cat 5s.

Cat 3 race was a huge disappointment as I had a problem with my seatpost. It sunk down and I looked like I was speedskating out there with the knee bend that I had riding around. KK (Kirsten Kotval) said what's up with your bike. I was like it's not mine and my post slipped. Always tighten those things after you adjust them I learned that day. I debated for a few laps on whether or not i could stop and get a free lap. I figured I couldn't but KK said I would problably hurt my knees riding like that or I could stand for another 45 minutes. I stopped and Gary said I could jump back in but I would be a lap down. I adjusted my seat quick but now it was too high. I was going to ride but would have hurt myself with that setup so I just packed up and headed home. I was so bummed. I went to Contender to get my bike lined up from the fit I had there. Then I went to park near the Old Mill buildings near Big Cottonwood and I rode up Big Cottonwood to get out my disappointment. Worse things could have happened as I heard there was big crash in the 1/2 race. I made it up Big cottonwood in record time (for me). The wind blowing up the canyon I'm sure that helped. It was nice and scenic and pretty warm at the top. I rewarded myself with a huge Garlic Burger from the Cotton Bottom post ride. That made me feel alot better! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ogden race

May 1st was last Thursday and everyone around the world started their first day of training for the 2008-2009 skating season. I went for a ride out to Salt Air. I'm still just riding my bike for fun and not too motivated to start skate training yet. It's funny last year I really didn't do any skate training till August 1st so I'm ahead of schedule so far.

Now to's all about Brian as one of my "coaches" like to let me know. Ogden One organized a sweet race on Saturday with some of the best prizes I've gotten so far and I didn't win. The course was awesome. The start/finish straightaway was beautifully tree lined. I don't understand why we only had 15 Masters and 20 Cat 3s at this one. The climbers here I guess don't like crits? I was in Boston for East Canyon. Don't think I missed much cause I can't get over the wall. There's a plot to a crit and usually a couple of sub plots as well. Some people don't know how to read the program. Crits teach you how to race and how to get FAST. I remember Burke (name dropping) telling me last year that he hated crits when he started. He's obviously not a crit rider but he can read the program and GET Er Done for an ace climber. You get a feel for how a race is unfolding and what to do next. Team tactics make it even better. What makes it fun is that sometimes the plot takes an unexpected twist at the end.

Their was an unfortunate accident in my 1st race and I hope Jon Gardner heals up fast. It was good to see Clint out there and unfortunately this shit is part of the deal. Had a good conversation with the CLAW. I have alot of respect for that guy. He knows how to race hard. It was a stressful day doing what should be fun so I'm just going to leave it at that. I don't get paid enough money for this shit to be stressful. Crashes suck but are what we sign up for. Remind me of that when some jackass chops my wheel like a few years back at the E Center Crit when I hurt my shoulder bad and had some good road rash. Congrats to Gary Swain on his W in the Cat 3s. Pretty fast guy for an old man as is Sam Moore.

Jess Dear of RMCC lead out the sprint till the corner with about 300m to go. Sam Moore jumped early? (maybe before the corner?) and had a gap. I had to thread the needle between two guys to start sprinting. I don't know what guys are doing at the front 220 meters from the line going backwards??? It was a little dangerous then I thought I just had to catch Sam. I killed myself to get to Sam and barely passed him when I looked to my left and saw Gary surge right at the line and get me by a hair. Sprinting is a crap shoot and Gary was in the right position. Positioning is the name of the game in sprinting unless you can just blow people away. I got upto 36.9 in that one and it was all me since I didn't get on Sam's wheel and seemed like some headwind.

It was funny because Gary looked around then was like did I get it. I was like yes I think you won. He looked dumbfounded then delayed reaction started throwing his hands in the air celebrating. I don't know if I'm getting soft in my old age but I was truly happy for him. I don't like to lose no one does but I am proud of how I have reacted to getting 2nd in my last two races. More proud than winning. I read about Jack Nickalaus and how he has placed 2nd way more times than he won and he was a very gracious "loser". Congrats to my new bike buddy Gary Swain.

Oh yea I had some guy? run me off the road into the dirt in the Cat 3 race. We went past the start/finish line. I think there was a gust from the right I was on the left outside. This guy to my right moved over 1 lane. I yelled and he moved over another lane. I didn't want to bang bars again and went to the edge of the road with no curb then hit the dirt at 25+. I got back on the back of the group and was so wound up I attacked off the front about 200-300 meters. When no one would go with me I integrated baack to the field. Then Aaron Olson threw a hard attack and luckily i stuck on.

Some advice for racers reading this (myself included):
1. Don't look back. I don't think anyone can track a straight line and look back at the same time. You can look under your shoulder if you must look back. My Cat 1friend always yells at me for looking back on the oval at RMR. If you really want to see what's happening go to the side of the road away from the pack and look back. I did that in the Cat 3 race.
2. You can't change lanes without looking. You don't do it on I-15 do you. Don't do it in a bike race.
3. If there is clearly 2 or 3 lines don't be the guy making it 3 or 4 lines. I hate when guys try to fit between two lines. Don't ride on my hip pocket either? Ride to the side or behind me unless we are echeloning.
4. Watch your back wheel when you move around in the pack. I always look before I move around the pack but sometimes forget about my back wheel when passing someone. Bad habit from short track skating. Sorry to anyone i may have chopped this year.
5. Don't stand up in the middle of the pack. What happens when you do that is your back wheel goes back 6-12 inches and you give me a heart atttack. There's one guy I won't mention in the A group of RMR who does this all the time. If you do feel like doing this.....shift up 2 gears then stand up and your bike will not shoot back.
6. Don't sweep the turns. Hold your line and if you enter on the inside you exit on the inside. I had a problem on the 2nd turn of the last lap of the cat 3 race. I had too much speed and that turn had dirt. Sorry Cameron but shit happens too. Thankfully we got thru the turn ok Saturday. I like to stay to the outside on turns as I'm heavy and carry my speed better. I remember at Boise a few years back this kid who will remain nameless enters the turn on the inside (final turn). He exits the turn now on the barriers. Bob Walker had to stop because he entered the turn on the curb. I was behind Bob and I had to skid to a stop bounce off the railings and then sprint back to the group. Speaking of crazy shit. That race in the Cat 3s I saw guys going off into hay bails, hitting parking meters, guys pedals skipping in my spokes, guys shoving me to the was crazy. I had more close calls in that one race than 3 years worth of RMRs. The last turn i was back in 30th place praying that I would get thru it in one piece. We were like 5 accross with alot of guys thinking they could win and that can make things dangerous.
7. Don't break on the turns. The Masters were doing this every turn. I don't know if they just don't know how to ride or they were trying to help teammates up the road.
8. Don't sprint down the RMR oval zig zagging like you think its the Tour Day France. Just keep your head up and sprint straight. We don't get paid enough to go down at 35+.

File under aggravating things to do in a bike race:
1. You are near the front of the strung out field of the A group at RMR. You see yourself blowing up on the railing so you just slow down with 30 guys behind you. Thanks buddy you just rode 30 guys out of the race.
2. You are dropping out of the race and instead of just pulling over you just slow down and take a few more with you. Same as #1 almost.
3. You are yelling at others in the race because they are not racing the way you want them to. Keep your mouth shut and attack.
4. You race negatively to get the W. I think the negative racing frustrates everyone but it's part of the game. I heard that some guys were slowing down the field and actually punching guys who were doing that at one race this year???
5. One last thing. Please don't touch me to let me know where you are. I don't like being touched in a bike race unless it's by a hot chick. (my wife doesn't read this blog :)

Blogs and my blog

I woke up. Ate a bagel for breakfast. Took my vitamins and secret supplements. Went training for 3 hours. Came home. Went training again. Had recovery drink. Did intervals later. Took a nap. Did some abs then ate a big pasta dinner and went to bed.

Raced the next day. I was feeling good at the start of the race. I covered alot of moves for my teammates. I would have went up the road if I didn't do all the work for my teammates. I got unlucky when the motorcycle guy got in my way and I had to serve around him otherwise I would have made the winning move. My training was going well till yesterday when I started feeling slightly sick. I think I might have had food poisoning otherwise I would have won. Also, my legs havent' been feeling good I think I might have Epstein Barr or some other illness. Otherwise I think I would have won the race. I'm glad my teammate won otherwise I would have won if I wasn't working for him. I like to blog about my races so everyone else can know why I didn't win. Just kidding but you get the idea....that's what alot of the blogs I read sound like. Oh yea and I wonder what so and so is doing. I also let you know about how many famous and fast cyclist I know.

I'm really getting sick of reading blogs especially cycling blogs. I don't have the time or motivation to keep up this blog. This is my 60th post and possibly the last one about me. I might post some funny shit that I find as I did a few posts ago. I know Pieter D. found one of them funny.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dick Ring and Terry Longsjo talk about Fitchburg Longsjo Stage Race and Race report

I am so lucky to call Dick a good friend. I could listen to him talk all night. Wow....i've heard the Kangamangus fixed gear story but never the whole story of his first day announcing. Wow what a wonderful woman Terry Longsjo is. I need to do this race before I die.
Ringer tells about some of my training secrets in this video. cool cool stuff here.

Another good one if you have time:

Race report from Tax Day. I felt good going up slight incline. I had a rider on each side and in the draft. Felt like I was in a nice lazyboy recliner.

U turn heading up to the steeper stuff dudes hit it hard. At 1km to go looked at HR of 190 and thought not good. From now on when I race I'm taping over my HR monitor. I do like to know my cadence and that's about it.

I got gapped when it turned up and wasn't that far back at summit. I hit the downhill at 50mph (i found out later) and still couldn't get back on. I was close for a few miles. So close that the wheel car and ref car stayed behind my solo effort. U turn to start heading uphill and then shortly thereafter cars came by and I was mentally done.

I rode around with two stonger than me guys Evan H and Scott Patten and we got close but it was hard and windy. I finished DFL but was glad i finished even after a flat. Lots of guys dropped out. I had an ego flat. I flatted after about 2:20 on the bike.

It was good that I flatted because I was cramping bad. I was walking for about 10 minutes while waiting. Helped my muscles loosen up. Sohmmy and another guy came by off the front. I got my wheel from the car. I took some time to get going then rode for a minute and the pack came by. The break had a pretty good gap with one to go at that point. I got on the back of the group and enjoyed the draft till the 1km to go hill climb. Rode around another lap and it was nice to hear some people cheer for my finish. Proud to finish DFL as I was to win the past two weekends. Horses for courses and that wasn't my course for sure.

One other thing for UTrider, I got a Gary Fisher Mountain bike off of for cheap. It's a 29er hardtail. I shredded the Boneville Shoreline Trail on Sunday entering from City Creek. It was a long ass ride exiting at DryCreek. It was awesome I only saw 3 people in a couple of hours. Actually I rode from Sugarhouse to West Valley (my work) then up to the Capital and to City creek. It was nice and didn't feel like a workout. Although getting up the BST from City Creek was hard. I had to hike a bike a few times. My skills are lacking but it was fun. Not sure how this will help me in crits and speedskating but it was fun. Legs felt pretty good after the Tax Day grind. That course was hard as you were either going up against the wind or down against the wind. Not sure how it was possible. Seemed the only place wind was behind was on the steeper stuff which isn't good for a guy weighing almost 200 pounds.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gavia Cont

Here's what the conditions were like

Andy Hampsten's account of the day:

Whst's cool is that Andy said he was punching Max Testa and Testa said that it felt like he was tickling him that's how weak he was. That's an epic epic epic epic epic day for sure.

More classics from socalrider.....he has lots and lots of them!

one more (Team 7/11 profile). This has lots of shots of Eric Heiden. Makes you realize how hard the TFD is without dope and weighing 180+. Davis Phinney also had some issues that year. Great stuff!

Funny Stuff & Bike Fit

Tough day on the job?

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

My new dog

Had a bike fit with Max Testa at Contender. What a great guy and it was eye opening. I had my road bike pretty good but the TT bike was a mess. He put a little shim in my cleat since my left leg bows out a bit. I had some major pain after last Tuesday's RMR so I figured it would be good to see him.
Later that night I read an article about Andy Hampsten's famous W at the Tour of Italy in Bicycling Magazine. Check it out. Cool article.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I missed the boat on this one and maybe you have seen this but I was LMAO with my wife watching this last night. For those kids at home it has some bad language.

this is just as good.

One sign that spring is here. I just watched Tiger eagle the 15th in his quest for his 5th green jacket. He's even par and in perfect position as the tournament doesn't start till the back nine on Sunday. Sort of like a sprint finish in cycling. He might try to break away but after his bogey on the par 5 13th following 12 straight pars.....not today.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Got the W

I won a bike race at the Hell of the North. Someone remind me in some other races how many things have to go right for this to happen. It's been two years since lightning has struck for a pack finish in the Utah Cat 3s. Peter Schotting's (see bottom of page) 10 week endurance program sure has helped my bike fitness.
Wow that's all I can say. If the race doesn't go severely uphill I have a chance. I haven't had a great history at Hell of the North bike race. First time I did it on normal tires I got 2nd in the field sprint for 3rd place in the Crash 4s in 2004. I thought this isn't that hard. Then did the Master 35s later that day and watched TCooke and Bill Harris go 32 mph on dirt and was off the back in under 30 seconds on the dirt. Wow so that's how fast people can go on dirt?
2005 - 5 or 6 flats in 2 races on normal tires. 2006 was the rain/snow edition and I was on my death bed from a crash commuting home (80 stitches in my face) that's a whole nother story. 2007 did the Masters race in 3 inches of rocks/gravel in dirt. That was the hardest race I'd ever done with McKone and Skarpohl driving it. It was like a 1.75 mile uphill sinking in and just grinding out at 20mph. You pushed as hard on your seat as you could and skidded everywhere and hung on. My butt muscles hurt so much last year that I could barely sit after the race. I jumped in the Cat 3race but was cooked.
So 2008 I didn't have much expectations. I was like why am I doing this race again. My wife asked me how much I could win. I said I might get a cool trophy.
I wore Continental Contact tires that Ryan at Contender sold me on. You will notice they are 28 wide and 500 grams! I got some weird looks at the start line for sure. These are listed under city/treking tires. They are bomb proof. I commute on them and they don't puncture on goat heads nor pinch flat. I know I had a top 10 right no flats. I rode around the parking lot goat heads and all before the race with guys yelling at me. I ride these tires to work thru worse on the Jordan river trail.
I noticed though that a North wind was in the forecast and that meant a headwind into the dirt. That was one good sign for me. I got lost going to the race?? You would think I would have remembered how to get there. I went up I-15 and was scrambling to get back down to I-80 and to I-215. Get to the race T minus 30 minutes. Sign up and pin numbers at car. Jog to porto lockerrooms to change and 10 minute ride and at the line ready to go. No jels or food and only one water bottle that Marek Shon filled for me at the line. Obviously I was well prepared?? Texted my wife at the start line. I race with my phone and keys just in case I need to talk to someone during the race.
It was 10 laps of 5 miles each. Pretty tame for the 1st time up the dirt. There were some guys off early but not too far. I got into a 6 man move and no one wanted to keep it going with me there? I was like let's got at least sixth. Hmmmm I would have worked and wanted to work. I guess everyone figured I would sprint them??? I bridged up to a couple of more moves then decided that nothing looked like it would go.

Peter and Eric Thompson were up the road for quite some time but the other teams kept them in sight. I'm sure it was hard out there with the wind. I just was hoping for a sprint and trying to cover moves. There were still some strong teams in the pack with SBO. I don't have the VO2 MAX of some of these other guys who can go uphill like bunny goats but I can generate power for 30 seconds.
I was a little nervous of the last turn into the finishing road. I don't like to take risks. Although the last Cat 3 win at Sugarhouse I had two years ago. Jonathan Gardner came down the hill at 45+mph and we hooked about 6 inches on the left side by a group of 6 riders. I was like if he can make it I can but that was scary. He led me out to the hill and I was in the sweet spot for that sprint.
I was checking the wind and timing of when i would sprint in the last few times thru the start/finish. You had 600-700 meters from the finish to the dirt. The turn was mostly dirt then the road had loose gravel so I didn't want to mess with a WIN hungry pack thru the turn. Luckily we were whittled down to about 15 guys. I just figured I'd stay in the back out of trouble and work my way up to the finish line. I just happpened to be on the SBO strong guys (Nathin Arnin and Aaron Olson) and they led me thru the field and I was on Nathan's wheel in 3rd place. It was a good position to be in. Jason Asay (all in White) jumped from the corner solo in a gutsy move and had a big gap on us all. I was patient and with about 400m to go I just took off. It was a cross downwind sprint so you could get away with a long one. It was a little far out but I got a gap. I passed Jason with about 150m to go and held it to the line. I grunted and groaned then took a peek back and thankfully had a gap. I was pumping fists and hands. I know in some places you can get DQ'd b4the line if it's close like California. I did have a gap and I hadn't had a win in at least 60 races. You like to enjoy the moment and i'm not trying to show anyone up. It's just a huge release of excitement.

Forgot one other thing that was funny. The Pro/1/2 group passed us and the ref was in a car in front of us neutralizing us. She suddenly almost stopped we stopped and I slammed into the wheel in front of me. I had one foot down sliding thinking I'm going down. Somehow I stayed up and saved it. Marek Shon said nice skating. So yes in the end this is a skating blog.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that I got this 34 pound trophy. Thanks to Sean Hoover. It's a cobblestone mounted to a base. Granted we didn't go over any cobblestones but you get it. It's similiar to Paris Roubaix's trophy. The wife didn't think it would look too cool in the living room. It was destined for the garage but I had a better idea. Dick Thompson has helped me lots with fixing my bike. He has it on display at Alta Bicycles. He's a custom Steel frame builder in Salt Lake City. He's in the same building with Steve from Flat Attack just off of I-15 at 5400S in the Top It Building. Give these guys business as they are the little guys of cycling. Tell them I sent you and check out the cobblestone trophy!
One more thing. that was a long ass post and i don't know why anyone would want to read about my silly bike races but a couple of people wanted the "race report" so here it is. It's all about me but thanks to Christian for putting on this event for us here in utah and great to see Terry McInnnis at the races. I had a great chat with him and he's a tough dude. He just said he's a stubborn bastard. That's good too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't even know where to start

It's been 16 days since my last post. I went from that DONE feeling, to depressed feeling, to listless feeling to renewed feeling during this time. I was so done after skating the last day of the Champions Challenge. I had big expectations for the 10k. I went out super hard (for me) 34 second laps. I had a good first 1/2 race (7:18) 5k then died to a 7:44 2nd 5k. It will get better next season with summer training with Peter Schotting. I finished with a PB by 20 seconds of 15:02. The 5k the day before was a 10 second personal for this season of 7:07.00. I died the last 4 laps of that one. It's funny i have some video clips of the race and I almost hit the pads with 4 to go.

I took 9 days completely off and did alot of work at work. It was like coming off drugs. I was restless, irritable, and generally lethargic. I slept alot and had not alot of energy. My first ride I went up Emmigration at AT HR in 34 minutes. The last part I just hammered and I had "legs of gold" that day. Boy what a break can do for you.

I'm back now to just having fun on the bike. If you can call doing an hour criterium with an avg HR of 180 fun in 30-40 degree weather. That race last Sat was one of the hardest I've done at RMR. It reminded me of the Dave Z Hurrican day last year. That's another story. Let's just say I was lapped by Dave Z, Louder and Bryson Perry at least one last year around this time.

There was 60 guys at the start, within 5-10 minutes there were 35-40 guys left. Alot of guys flatted. Yes maybe some of them were real but alot of them are "ego flats". Jeff Louder and some others were driving the break hard. I was in the 2nd chase group of 8-12. We were a half lap down at one point then we made up alot of time and got within 10 seconds or so I heard. All this summary of the race is 2nd hand as I couldn't tell you anything since I was staring at the wheel in front of me for an hour and 2 minutes. At one brief easy point I asked Robert Lofgran what was happening (8 guys up the road). I don't know who was driving our group because I was hanging on for my life. I was using every drafting trick I knew to stay on. My HR was 195 at times.
I told myself for the last 20 minutes I'll just do one more lap then I'll drop out. This went on for quite a few laps. Ryan Littlefield was in our group and he shot out of it like a cannon and I heard he just about caught the few guys who finished after Louder and Sohmmy. I guess when he did that with 1/2 lap to go that was when gaps opened as I was on the back of the 2nd group. Gaps opened and I looked at my HR of 192. I figured I would wait. The guys in front of me gave up and sat up. I was waving guys thru at 40 minutes (5 guys went thru) as I was not holding the draft. They went by and I said I'll just jump in for one more lap. Guys think I might be joking but I was cooked after the race. I might have finished 15th or so just drunkenly pedaling in at HR 188.
I am pretty fit from skating long distances since Jan 1. I have Peter Schotting to thank for that. He is starting a training group here in SLC. It's a great chance to train with a coaching legend.

Here's the press realease from my good friend Rich Gregorson who is our marketing guy:
A world class speed skating training group will be formed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The 2008/2009, 48 week program, under the guidance of five time Olympic Speed skating Coach Peter Schotting, will commence in the last week of April 2008.
In preparation for the 2008-2009 National and International Championships, as well as in preparation for the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Winter Games

A limited amount of positions in this group are still available,
North American or International interested skaters in Junior, Senior or Master Class interested in this opportunity can contact with Skater Bio information
Email skating resume to

Some great shows coming up in SLC. Frank Caliendo is in town Sat. Ministry is here april 11th. That's a blast from the past for me. some other good bands/concerts will be here as well.

How about this one from my favorite baseball player Spaceman Lee.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why Quads are a Bad idea sometimes

Check out the cluster#$@@# at 5:20 of this one. It's pretty funny.

Awesome Short Track Falls from Calgary. I'm not sure if the full pads with no boards in Calgary contribute to this "roller derby on ice".

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hope for Master Athletes Everywhere

WOW is all I can say. I love this guy and he still rocks at AGE 60!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quotes from the Zen Master & Chumps Challenge

I have been training with Peter Schotting since Jan 1st and here are some funny things he has said.

Schotting on laps times. "Those are women's times."

0n tapering. "What do you want to do come to the rink in a rolling hospital bed."

On putting my hands on my knees when hurting while racing a 1500m today or 5k in the past or 3k in the past....."You see the protocol says ISU...that means International Skating Union not Rollerskating Union....that's not Ice speedskating" but my legs hurt and I'll fall..."we'll do more dryland next summer".

On warming down....."Go do 16 minutes of laps"

When I'm tired, "Why would you be tired we haven't anything."

Seriously though it's been tough but fun at the same time. I remember one day when I did a 1500m then a 5k. I skated a warmdown (10k) then got off the ice. He said now go run 8 laps on the oval. I did two laps then I went and hid in the bathroom for a bit. I started thinking I must be sick.... I'm actually paying this guy to torture me.

Why he's a great coach. Erin Anders was skating with us till he hurt his knee. He did a 3k and bombed after a lap (it's a 7 lap race). He did 3 or 4 laps at 33 the day before but in the race he went 34 1st lap then 37s...38...39?...then 37 at the end. Peter was like what happened you dropped anchor after one lap?? Erin does a little warmdown and sits down to take off his skates. Peter says to Erin where you going? "Keep your skates on. You are going to go out and skate 5 laps at 34/35 second pace. Not for me but for you. You need to know that you can do that even if it's right after a 3k race." Next time you go to race you will have the confidence to KNOW that you can do that. Erin goes out and does like 5 34s. That's a great coach in my book. It was a Herb Brooks moment for sure.

Today was dissapointing for me at the Champions Challenge. I had high expectations for my 1500m. I was 3 seconds off my Personal Best (PB) on a day when 36 personals were skated. I was paired with Josh Wood and thought for sure we would both do personals. He did a huge 4 second one and got 2nd place at 1:50 (1st USA skater). Great job buddy. I was with him at 300m then scratched around the inner turn & then didn't set up my outer turn real well. I gave him a good draft though on the backstretch then he was a 2nd ahead at 700m. I stopped skated as Peter said at 900m. Thanks to Andrew cheering me I kept skating. I heard you buddy. I had some issues and didn't really skate that well. I just didn't have great feel. What funny though is I did my first 1:57 EVER. I've skated 1:59s, 58s, 3 56s, 2 55s, and one 1:54 but never a 1:57. I guess that was the time for today. I know when I don't have high expectations I skate better. Earlier post "don't think just skate" or Give up and skate a PB. Hopefully that will happen tommorow. My 5k should be a PB by at least 10 seconds based on practice but no predictions here. I'm just going to skate and use the lap times as information.
Based on my practice times lately, if it doesn't come out in racing tommorow it will come out sooner or later.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

SLC TTs & Weekly Worlds (RMR)

Time trials went ok today. One crappy 500m and then a SLC Weekend TT PB in the 3k. I gave away 3 seconds on the last two laps in that one according to my coach. I have been training with Peter Schotting for about 10 weeks and it hasn't been easy. I'm just a once a day trainer compared to pros who are at the rink from 7-5pm.

My start today didn't have it (11.0) but I had an ok 3k. It was the best 3k I've ever skated in SLC by 3 seconds. Missed my personal by that much in my best Maxwell Smart imitation. It was after a hard week of training and some scary fast times in training. It will come out in the races soon or later Peter assures me. I have never been much of a practice skater but now I am with him. I wasn't even mad after a SLOW (for me) 500m. The slowest of the season. My body is trying to adapt to a new training load. I think next weekend at the Champions Challenge I'll get it going.

We really haven't done speed (400m tempos). I have done 1600m tempos. I actually did my 800m personal best in a 1600m tempo. It was cool to hit a 28 second lap trying for 31. I wish I had that skating feel I had in practice that day today during the race. I wasn't skating like I skated in practice. Once I slowed with two to go I was stuck in the middle not getting weight transfer. Don't think just skate. Don't try to go fast just SKATE. Don't think JUST SKATE!

I just couldn't get it going today off the start. From my first start in the morning till my race. It's funny though sometimes that's ok because as an older skater it takes time to warmup. Youth is wasted on the young when I see dudes just start hammering at 7:30 in the morning. I like to say I need alot of foreplay.

It would have been nice to have a pairmate but I think Ron Macky was at last call at Lumpy's.

The 3k I went out the hardest I ever have and survived. Peter pointed out that the ISU is on the pairings sheet which means International SKATING Union. Not the inlining union as I had my hands on my knees for the last two laps. I complained that I have never done as much as we did for pre race. He was like you don't think Heiden, Flaim, etc did those kinds of race preps. You think the Australians or Flaim always had "good legs" at a World Championship, World Cup, etc. I'm trying to mentally get in my head that I can skate with a "load" in my legs.

Another funny thing that I said to Peter is that I need more rest before I race. He was like, "what do you need to do be rolled into the rink in a Hospital bed with an IV before your race." He's tough and you can see why he's built World Champions. Based on my training we thought I could do 4 minute flat 3k today.

It's funny though we all want to know where we compare to everyone else. The race really is with yourself and no one else. Someone said to me that since you beat Marty Haire at Nationals that you would have been World Champion. You know what from my hockey days we used to say that the transitive property doesn't work in sports. If A beats B and B beats C.....A doesn't neccesarily beat C. I know that even with times of Long Track and consistent ice conditions it's hard to compare. But we as humans seem to have this crazy need to know where we or they stand?? That's why we compete and have competitions. If it's your day it's your day.

I have noticed that for me now that I have done speedskating for awile comparing means nothing. At the higher levels on any given day anyone can beat anyone to some extent. Unless you are at the meet with everyone else on that day you don't know. It's nice when you are like Sven Kramer or Shani crushing it day in and day out. You notice though that they took some weekends off and it seemed to have helped them this weekend. But that's why we watch and skate.


The BMC boys tried to come to the local crit and rule the roost but local boys pulled it off. Ryan Littlefield's Contender boys showed the pros what Utah racing is all about. The Contender boys played their cards right. Word on the street is that Brent Cannon has good form right now as does Ryan. It looks like the Porcs got alot of placings in the top 10 and they are off to the team lead again. Will Ryan ride more this year? Hope so. I didn't realize till last year that he won the Crit Series a bunch of years in a row. David vs Goliath in a way but it's just Weekly Worlds or is it the World Championships. It's good that people take it seriously because it's a good throwdown for sure! We need more fans out at these races as it's pretty good stuff.

Ok so I do my warmdown at the rink and it's 11:15 when I leave for the RMR Raceway for the 1st bike race of the season. I saw Cameron Candelaria on his bike riding over on 56th West. There was so much traffic he past me 3 times. I get to the race with about 25 minutes till race time. I get changed get my number and maybe spin for 5 minutes.
I notice that two riders from the BMC Race team are there. Jeff Louder and Darren Lill (from South Africa) I found out later. I'm thinking this is great I haven't riden my bike much and these guys are coming of the the Tour of California. The usual suspects were out there as well and we were off in a shortened race. Only 35 minutes or so it turned out. There was snow on the track and they couldn't race the A and Bs together.
I made a promise to myself to not go in any breaks since I don't want to kill myself for skating next week. That was hard to keep when I saw guys taking off in front of me. That's right I forgot in a lactate haze that I went with Darren Lill from BMC early in the race hoping that I would get in a break. Some guys chased us down and everyone came back together. I looked at my HR of 195 and said I think I'll hide in the pack for a bit more. Then sure enough the real break happens. Those BMC guys probably rode 6 hours today and RMR was one piece of the puzzle. It's hard for us working stiffs to just have some delusional fun with them there. We can think we are riding in the Tour of California or something like that. I forgot how much I like riding my bike.

"The break" went about 10 minutes in after a couple of failed attempts. I didn't think that would last at first. There were 10 guys and most of the teams were up there and once they got a half lap on the 3/8 mile track it was over. Jeff Louder from BMC was there and the other BMC guy (at the time I didn't know who he was) was in the pack with us. Thru sheer luck I found myself on his wheel. I figured he would try to get upto help his teammate soon. Sure enough he goes. I hesistate for one moment and then kill myself for a little bit and get on his wheel. The minute I connect he sits up. Not like I could pull thru after that effort. He then goes back to the pack and I follow him for a long time. It was nice in the group and I was working on my spinning. The break was now 8 as two guys were shelled. The break of 8 was a half lap up for the longest time. We were going not super fast then fast a few times. At maybe 30 minutes I see Louder in our group and the break still behind us. Apparently, Ryan Littlefield and Brent Cannon from Contender Bikes made it up with him (Louder).

We ride around some more and guys are hammering with 3 to that was quick when your used to an hour criterium but just what the doctor ordered for me at this point. I was pack fill at the end but it was a blast. Contender got the W with Brent, Louder 2nd, and Ryan L rounded out the podium.


There were some guys that went hard and got shelled in the race. I always wonder about that. A guys got to know his limitations. But hey I almost got shelled after two efforts at following breaks or bridges.

One other thing. Saw Kelsley Kooreman (Mike's wife) at the RMR oval. She has been riding lots and lots. She was going in a break with the B group men's and she got 10th. April Medley, Anthony Lobello and Mary Grace were there watching. Then I was off to spend time with the inlaws and family. What a great day today was. Thank you God for all the blessings I have in my life. Spent the rest of the weekend with Family:)

One other thing is that I just missed Team Rico's crash where you can read about it here. I posted a comment on his blog about it here.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hockey vids

Tonite i went after practice to help out a squirt team. I used to play hockey and it was a huge part of my life. Here's some awesome videos i found tonite....

This video actually makes me cry here watching it. I remember watching this game and just being in the 1980 rink (Herb Brooks Arena) is inspiring.

Forward to 2:18 to see why I skate.....many rinks were built in Boston because of this man. Thank you Bobby!

One More! Wow. My dad was a Boston Cop. He would work alot of Bruins games during the 70s. I went to some games and lots of Red Sox games back then. Red Sox games were empty back then :). He would be in the locker room with the Bruins and tell me how nice a guy Bobby was. He was a very humble guy with a God given talent. He would tell me that his legs were huge and the stories of these goals were even bigger to me. i like how he fakes out the wing AND cameraman at 2:59.

Apparently there's a new book out on #4. See why he was the best IMHO.

Props up though to the great one (Gretz) and Lemeiux.

Had to add one for #99. He was inspiring to watch growing up.

If anyone I played hockey with reads this shoot me an email. Paul Laubenstien, Marty Loughnane, Mike Novak, David Rennie, Brian Noonan, John Lovell, Brian Assad, Chris Spillane, and anyone else I can't think of right now from Archbishop Williams, UMass/Boston, or the Labatt's Blue Hockey Team and the Hofbrau House in Quincy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Round Up

Ok here's some quick news. Bokko is done for the year with shoulder surgery or something. The National marathon was this past weekend and I found some results here. 40 skaters looks like a small turnout. I would have loved to have beemed myself over there for that one.

Interesting post about the 1978 World Short Track event with results.

Go Marty.....wish i was there. Kick some butt!@

Highlights of Herenveen World Cup final here.

My video posted??? Hmmmmm.....i have lots more but time for bed.....

Team Pursuit at Balsega. ITALIA ITALIA!!!.

Get pumped for Short Track.....good music too.

I'm not in Germany for Master Worlds and not going to US ST Nationals. Gotta earn some $$$ and stay married....LOL!

I'll be at Weekly Worlds and doing the Champions Challenge, March 14-16th.

One more. I think this is the best from Herenveen Final.