Monday, April 21, 2008

Dick Ring and Terry Longsjo talk about Fitchburg Longsjo Stage Race and Race report

I am so lucky to call Dick a good friend. I could listen to him talk all night. Wow....i've heard the Kangamangus fixed gear story but never the whole story of his first day announcing. Wow what a wonderful woman Terry Longsjo is. I need to do this race before I die.
Ringer tells about some of my training secrets in this video. cool cool stuff here.

Another good one if you have time:

Race report from Tax Day. I felt good going up slight incline. I had a rider on each side and in the draft. Felt like I was in a nice lazyboy recliner.

U turn heading up to the steeper stuff dudes hit it hard. At 1km to go looked at HR of 190 and thought not good. From now on when I race I'm taping over my HR monitor. I do like to know my cadence and that's about it.

I got gapped when it turned up and wasn't that far back at summit. I hit the downhill at 50mph (i found out later) and still couldn't get back on. I was close for a few miles. So close that the wheel car and ref car stayed behind my solo effort. U turn to start heading uphill and then shortly thereafter cars came by and I was mentally done.

I rode around with two stonger than me guys Evan H and Scott Patten and we got close but it was hard and windy. I finished DFL but was glad i finished even after a flat. Lots of guys dropped out. I had an ego flat. I flatted after about 2:20 on the bike.

It was good that I flatted because I was cramping bad. I was walking for about 10 minutes while waiting. Helped my muscles loosen up. Sohmmy and another guy came by off the front. I got my wheel from the car. I took some time to get going then rode for a minute and the pack came by. The break had a pretty good gap with one to go at that point. I got on the back of the group and enjoyed the draft till the 1km to go hill climb. Rode around another lap and it was nice to hear some people cheer for my finish. Proud to finish DFL as I was to win the past two weekends. Horses for courses and that wasn't my course for sure.

One other thing for UTrider, I got a Gary Fisher Mountain bike off of for cheap. It's a 29er hardtail. I shredded the Boneville Shoreline Trail on Sunday entering from City Creek. It was a long ass ride exiting at DryCreek. It was awesome I only saw 3 people in a couple of hours. Actually I rode from Sugarhouse to West Valley (my work) then up to the Capital and to City creek. It was nice and didn't feel like a workout. Although getting up the BST from City Creek was hard. I had to hike a bike a few times. My skills are lacking but it was fun. Not sure how this will help me in crits and speedskating but it was fun. Legs felt pretty good after the Tax Day grind. That course was hard as you were either going up against the wind or down against the wind. Not sure how it was possible. Seemed the only place wind was behind was on the steeper stuff which isn't good for a guy weighing almost 200 pounds.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gavia Cont

Here's what the conditions were like

Andy Hampsten's account of the day:

Whst's cool is that Andy said he was punching Max Testa and Testa said that it felt like he was tickling him that's how weak he was. That's an epic epic epic epic epic day for sure.

More classics from socalrider.....he has lots and lots of them!

one more (Team 7/11 profile). This has lots of shots of Eric Heiden. Makes you realize how hard the TFD is without dope and weighing 180+. Davis Phinney also had some issues that year. Great stuff!

Funny Stuff & Bike Fit

Tough day on the job?

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

My new dog

Had a bike fit with Max Testa at Contender. What a great guy and it was eye opening. I had my road bike pretty good but the TT bike was a mess. He put a little shim in my cleat since my left leg bows out a bit. I had some major pain after last Tuesday's RMR so I figured it would be good to see him.
Later that night I read an article about Andy Hampsten's famous W at the Tour of Italy in Bicycling Magazine. Check it out. Cool article.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I missed the boat on this one and maybe you have seen this but I was LMAO with my wife watching this last night. For those kids at home it has some bad language.

this is just as good.

One sign that spring is here. I just watched Tiger eagle the 15th in his quest for his 5th green jacket. He's even par and in perfect position as the tournament doesn't start till the back nine on Sunday. Sort of like a sprint finish in cycling. He might try to break away but after his bogey on the par 5 13th following 12 straight pars.....not today.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Got the W

I won a bike race at the Hell of the North. Someone remind me in some other races how many things have to go right for this to happen. It's been two years since lightning has struck for a pack finish in the Utah Cat 3s. Peter Schotting's (see bottom of page) 10 week endurance program sure has helped my bike fitness.
Wow that's all I can say. If the race doesn't go severely uphill I have a chance. I haven't had a great history at Hell of the North bike race. First time I did it on normal tires I got 2nd in the field sprint for 3rd place in the Crash 4s in 2004. I thought this isn't that hard. Then did the Master 35s later that day and watched TCooke and Bill Harris go 32 mph on dirt and was off the back in under 30 seconds on the dirt. Wow so that's how fast people can go on dirt?
2005 - 5 or 6 flats in 2 races on normal tires. 2006 was the rain/snow edition and I was on my death bed from a crash commuting home (80 stitches in my face) that's a whole nother story. 2007 did the Masters race in 3 inches of rocks/gravel in dirt. That was the hardest race I'd ever done with McKone and Skarpohl driving it. It was like a 1.75 mile uphill sinking in and just grinding out at 20mph. You pushed as hard on your seat as you could and skidded everywhere and hung on. My butt muscles hurt so much last year that I could barely sit after the race. I jumped in the Cat 3race but was cooked.
So 2008 I didn't have much expectations. I was like why am I doing this race again. My wife asked me how much I could win. I said I might get a cool trophy.
I wore Continental Contact tires that Ryan at Contender sold me on. You will notice they are 28 wide and 500 grams! I got some weird looks at the start line for sure. These are listed under city/treking tires. They are bomb proof. I commute on them and they don't puncture on goat heads nor pinch flat. I know I had a top 10 right no flats. I rode around the parking lot goat heads and all before the race with guys yelling at me. I ride these tires to work thru worse on the Jordan river trail.
I noticed though that a North wind was in the forecast and that meant a headwind into the dirt. That was one good sign for me. I got lost going to the race?? You would think I would have remembered how to get there. I went up I-15 and was scrambling to get back down to I-80 and to I-215. Get to the race T minus 30 minutes. Sign up and pin numbers at car. Jog to porto lockerrooms to change and 10 minute ride and at the line ready to go. No jels or food and only one water bottle that Marek Shon filled for me at the line. Obviously I was well prepared?? Texted my wife at the start line. I race with my phone and keys just in case I need to talk to someone during the race.
It was 10 laps of 5 miles each. Pretty tame for the 1st time up the dirt. There were some guys off early but not too far. I got into a 6 man move and no one wanted to keep it going with me there? I was like let's got at least sixth. Hmmmm I would have worked and wanted to work. I guess everyone figured I would sprint them??? I bridged up to a couple of more moves then decided that nothing looked like it would go.

Peter and Eric Thompson were up the road for quite some time but the other teams kept them in sight. I'm sure it was hard out there with the wind. I just was hoping for a sprint and trying to cover moves. There were still some strong teams in the pack with SBO. I don't have the VO2 MAX of some of these other guys who can go uphill like bunny goats but I can generate power for 30 seconds.
I was a little nervous of the last turn into the finishing road. I don't like to take risks. Although the last Cat 3 win at Sugarhouse I had two years ago. Jonathan Gardner came down the hill at 45+mph and we hooked about 6 inches on the left side by a group of 6 riders. I was like if he can make it I can but that was scary. He led me out to the hill and I was in the sweet spot for that sprint.
I was checking the wind and timing of when i would sprint in the last few times thru the start/finish. You had 600-700 meters from the finish to the dirt. The turn was mostly dirt then the road had loose gravel so I didn't want to mess with a WIN hungry pack thru the turn. Luckily we were whittled down to about 15 guys. I just figured I'd stay in the back out of trouble and work my way up to the finish line. I just happpened to be on the SBO strong guys (Nathin Arnin and Aaron Olson) and they led me thru the field and I was on Nathan's wheel in 3rd place. It was a good position to be in. Jason Asay (all in White) jumped from the corner solo in a gutsy move and had a big gap on us all. I was patient and with about 400m to go I just took off. It was a cross downwind sprint so you could get away with a long one. It was a little far out but I got a gap. I passed Jason with about 150m to go and held it to the line. I grunted and groaned then took a peek back and thankfully had a gap. I was pumping fists and hands. I know in some places you can get DQ'd b4the line if it's close like California. I did have a gap and I hadn't had a win in at least 60 races. You like to enjoy the moment and i'm not trying to show anyone up. It's just a huge release of excitement.

Forgot one other thing that was funny. The Pro/1/2 group passed us and the ref was in a car in front of us neutralizing us. She suddenly almost stopped we stopped and I slammed into the wheel in front of me. I had one foot down sliding thinking I'm going down. Somehow I stayed up and saved it. Marek Shon said nice skating. So yes in the end this is a skating blog.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that I got this 34 pound trophy. Thanks to Sean Hoover. It's a cobblestone mounted to a base. Granted we didn't go over any cobblestones but you get it. It's similiar to Paris Roubaix's trophy. The wife didn't think it would look too cool in the living room. It was destined for the garage but I had a better idea. Dick Thompson has helped me lots with fixing my bike. He has it on display at Alta Bicycles. He's a custom Steel frame builder in Salt Lake City. He's in the same building with Steve from Flat Attack just off of I-15 at 5400S in the Top It Building. Give these guys business as they are the little guys of cycling. Tell them I sent you and check out the cobblestone trophy!
One more thing. that was a long ass post and i don't know why anyone would want to read about my silly bike races but a couple of people wanted the "race report" so here it is. It's all about me but thanks to Christian for putting on this event for us here in utah and great to see Terry McInnnis at the races. I had a great chat with him and he's a tough dude. He just said he's a stubborn bastard. That's good too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't even know where to start

It's been 16 days since my last post. I went from that DONE feeling, to depressed feeling, to listless feeling to renewed feeling during this time. I was so done after skating the last day of the Champions Challenge. I had big expectations for the 10k. I went out super hard (for me) 34 second laps. I had a good first 1/2 race (7:18) 5k then died to a 7:44 2nd 5k. It will get better next season with summer training with Peter Schotting. I finished with a PB by 20 seconds of 15:02. The 5k the day before was a 10 second personal for this season of 7:07.00. I died the last 4 laps of that one. It's funny i have some video clips of the race and I almost hit the pads with 4 to go.

I took 9 days completely off and did alot of work at work. It was like coming off drugs. I was restless, irritable, and generally lethargic. I slept alot and had not alot of energy. My first ride I went up Emmigration at AT HR in 34 minutes. The last part I just hammered and I had "legs of gold" that day. Boy what a break can do for you.

I'm back now to just having fun on the bike. If you can call doing an hour criterium with an avg HR of 180 fun in 30-40 degree weather. That race last Sat was one of the hardest I've done at RMR. It reminded me of the Dave Z Hurrican day last year. That's another story. Let's just say I was lapped by Dave Z, Louder and Bryson Perry at least one last year around this time.

There was 60 guys at the start, within 5-10 minutes there were 35-40 guys left. Alot of guys flatted. Yes maybe some of them were real but alot of them are "ego flats". Jeff Louder and some others were driving the break hard. I was in the 2nd chase group of 8-12. We were a half lap down at one point then we made up alot of time and got within 10 seconds or so I heard. All this summary of the race is 2nd hand as I couldn't tell you anything since I was staring at the wheel in front of me for an hour and 2 minutes. At one brief easy point I asked Robert Lofgran what was happening (8 guys up the road). I don't know who was driving our group because I was hanging on for my life. I was using every drafting trick I knew to stay on. My HR was 195 at times.
I told myself for the last 20 minutes I'll just do one more lap then I'll drop out. This went on for quite a few laps. Ryan Littlefield was in our group and he shot out of it like a cannon and I heard he just about caught the few guys who finished after Louder and Sohmmy. I guess when he did that with 1/2 lap to go that was when gaps opened as I was on the back of the 2nd group. Gaps opened and I looked at my HR of 192. I figured I would wait. The guys in front of me gave up and sat up. I was waving guys thru at 40 minutes (5 guys went thru) as I was not holding the draft. They went by and I said I'll just jump in for one more lap. Guys think I might be joking but I was cooked after the race. I might have finished 15th or so just drunkenly pedaling in at HR 188.
I am pretty fit from skating long distances since Jan 1. I have Peter Schotting to thank for that. He is starting a training group here in SLC. It's a great chance to train with a coaching legend.

Here's the press realease from my good friend Rich Gregorson who is our marketing guy:
A world class speed skating training group will be formed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The 2008/2009, 48 week program, under the guidance of five time Olympic Speed skating Coach Peter Schotting, will commence in the last week of April 2008.
In preparation for the 2008-2009 National and International Championships, as well as in preparation for the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Winter Games

A limited amount of positions in this group are still available,
North American or International interested skaters in Junior, Senior or Master Class interested in this opportunity can contact with Skater Bio information
Email skating resume to

Some great shows coming up in SLC. Frank Caliendo is in town Sat. Ministry is here april 11th. That's a blast from the past for me. some other good bands/concerts will be here as well.

How about this one from my favorite baseball player Spaceman Lee.