Monday, November 26, 2012

Victory :)

Funny i just played in a golf tournament in November and I won! I'll tell you it was a great time. I played very well mentally the last day. I was in the moment and took one shot at a time. I started out very badly with nerves as I hadn't played in a golf tournament in 25 years and I have been playing again for a couple of months seriously. I hit two of my first 3 drives Out of Bounds. If you don't golf just know it's not good and cost me 4 shots. I settled down and played decently after that. The last day was in Wailea on a high end resort course. Shot my best score since I started playing again. If I could have made some putts would have been even better but it was fun to play for a good cause. I also made up some ground and won. It was amazing that I won almost $1500 in prizes and merchandise. Trip to Vegas with hotel, flight from Maui, car, and meals plus much more swag. It was a fun time and for a great cause. I might be settling into Senior golf now :). This was more swag than 17 years of skating and 10 years of cycling in my first tourny. I should note that I won the A flight which is handicapped. I was honest and suffered thru many bad rounds and hit trees to get my handicap of 15. I felt like a sandbagger but wasn't as my first round attested. I shot 80 on a hard course the second day. Best ball striking day of my life. The putting was always my strength but never had putted bermuda greens with grain. Only serious golfers will get that one. I'm still training with skating in the back of my mind. Way back maybe :) Good news though is my handicap is going down way down. Now if I can catch Dan Jansen's golf handicap of 2.

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