Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting it Back

I didn't get on the ice this year till almost October and finally starting to feel like the looked last year. This looked hard a month ago watching it. Now think i could replicate it. I wish i could start where I left off the year before. I did alot of cycling this summer so it was hard to get back into it. I also spent 3.5 weeks on an Indian Reservation (Hualapai/Grand Canyon West) doing dryland in the middle of nowhere. 100 mile round trip to get groceries and no gas in town.
Funny story is one day i was doing dryland near our trailer. I had The Trainer hooked up and was doing turn crossovers. I saw a guy who had a couple of flats in the middle of nowhere on Rt 66. He asked me where the nearest gas station was. Told him 7-10 miles. In the middle of nowhere on Rt 66 in 90 degree weather he said I see u are working on your turns you a speedskater. I was blow away. Turns out he was from Netherlands.

Here's a cool vid that Ryan Border did last year. I like this song don't know who it is?

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