Sunday, December 12, 2010

Steal from the poor and give to the rich.

Warning political rant coming! No skating covg today. Tired and will start trimming down my training so I can go fast again.

I happened upon parts of Bernie Sanders 9 hour speech Friday on C Span. It wasn't a filabuster since it's already a done deal. It wasn't the longest filabuster because that was over a day. Storm Thurman and his fighting Civil Rights were in the 50s i believe. I was excited seeing him tell it like it is. I must be one of the few that regularly watches C Span. It was refreshing to hear him. We have 350 people that represent the corporate interests of the US certainly not the people. I read the 15 second sound bites about him on the web. No real coverage of what he said. They say he's a socialist and a nut job. No coverage of this other than that. Listen to it with an open mind and tell me if this makes sense.

We need to start a third party and not the tea party. The welfare system has institutionalized dysfunction, where welfare childern continue to have children and collect checks. The Dems are stuck in what Buddists call "idiot compassion", cannot confront this situation for fear of offending their core constituents. We spend 17 times more on elections than 35 years ago. Other end of spectrum repubs shield "corporate welfare cheats" under the guise of "free enterprise." Somehow, transnational monopolies have become synonymoous with free enterprise, but when you have zillions of dollars to spend on impropaganda you can actualy blend two incompatible ideas into one big lie. We are given two choices: Vote Democrat and enable the lowly criminal (welfare system etc) or vote Republican and enable the highly criminal (wall street, big banks, insurance co, etc).

I love how HR 4853 will pass monday is called the Middle Class Tax Relief act of 2010. Write your congressman and senators. I did. Warren Buffet has said to tax us more but this is going to pass while we are at 13+ trillion in debt.

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